Day 6

Posted on: 03/22/2019

Author: Marybeth Kampman

Day 6

We are in the midst of Lent, a very special time of year for the Guatemalans. The city of Antigua is decorated with purple banners hanging from the windows and there are purple flowers arrangements in many of the windows. Even the Jacaranda trees that seem to be in every square are in full bloom covered with lavender blossoms that fall to the ground making a natural purple carpet. 

The churches in town display beautiful flower carpets or alfombras which are amazing to see. However, I was more impressed yesterday with the small carpets that were made by the Obras staff and installed around the hospital. There were fourteen of them representing the stations of the cross. As I was leaving for the day I saw a group of disabled people with their caregivers, singing and praying as they made their way to each station.

 Our team has worked so well together over the past week, supporting each other, stepping in whenever a need arose.
I want to give special kudos to the cooks, who went to the mercado daily to purchase local fruits and vegetables. Each morning we were greeted with hot coffee and a home cooked breakfast. When we returned in the evening there were appetizers followed by delicious dinners. They always made sure that dietary preferences were accommodated  and made sure everyone was served, including those that came back late from the hospital.