Day 5: Third Day of Surgery

Posted on: 10/05/2016

Author: Morgan, Ms. Mackenzie

It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through the week. We have already had so many great opportunities to serve and we’ve met people and had experiences that we will never forget because they have made a deep and lasting impression on us that will continue to inspire us throughout our lives. There are so many people who have traveled far and wide to come and receive care, as well as those that work hard to make Hilario Galindo Hospital and the mission of Faith in Practice a reality. One story that displays true dedication to our wonderful cause is Freddy, a Network Director from Jalapa, who helps transport people in need of care to Hilario Galindo. Freddy told us that he is the second of 14 kids, and he works at a bakery to help take care of his family, and he takes time off several times a month to help patients make the ten hour journey from Jalapa to the hospital in Reu. Freddy told us that because patients schedules are so variable, it is hard for him to hold a regular job and continue volunteering. He told us that he believed that God would provide a way for him because he knows he is doing God’s work. He also said that even though he can’t help the people from his village economically, he is happy that he has some way to give back to the community and provide them a way to receive physical help.

   We also met a wonderful patient named Blanca, a breast cancer survivor, who came to have a procedure to repair an injury she sustained after being hit from behind by a goat. She told us that she has lived for a year with continuing problems after the initial accident. She told us that throughout her life she has seen the hand of God, and she is so grateful for all that she has been blessed with.

   The members of our team have been working tirelessly to provide help for as many people as they can in the short time we are here. I personally am so impressed with their dedication to and their love and concern for each individual they operate on. They truly have been angels in the lives of many people as they use their talents to bless lives. Thank you again to all those who have made this trip possible.