Day 5 Kincaid/Tysse Village Team

Posted on: 02/13/2019

Day 5 - Kincaid/Tysse Village Team

We began our day in the usual manner with our morning devotional from Pastor Jason, followed by announcements and instructions.  Jason opened with the parable of Jesus and the widow.  In this parable Jesus teaches on injustice and perseverance.  Jason related this lesson to much of what we will see In Guatemala.  The injustice of so much poverty and daily suffering and the persistence of the Guatemalan people to persevere.  
This was day one in our new clinic location. I think we all felt a little anxious over the details of the set up and the patient flow.  We were all aware of the hours and effort our patients have invested into their visits with us today and we desire to do our very best to meet their needs.
The Faith In Practice team handled the day with great ease.  Felipe and Tagni, with their team, are truly amazing to watch work.  It is hard to convey in this blog the shear mass of supplies that must be unpacked and set up for each clinic.  Each of the following areas must have their own room with tables, chairs, exam beds with privacy screening, specific supplies and a check-in area:
*Registration with Albendazole (Guatemalans struggle with worm parasites), 
*Triage station
*General Medicine Clinic
*Gynecology Clinic
*Pediatrics Clinic
*Cryo Therapy Clinic
*Dental Clinic
*Ultrasound Clinic
*Mobility Clinic
*Wheelchair Assembly
*Cocina (cafeteria with Faith In Practice Chef Hector)
*Referral support office for patients requiring surgery or extended treatments.
We arrived at the clinic by 8:00 and opened the gates to see patients by 9:00, with every area set up and ready to serve patients.  I also want to remind you we use school class rooms.  Before we can transform them into a clinic, all desks and chairs must be moved and the floors cleaned and bleached.  Many class rooms are basically open air.  Everything has a layer of dirt and dust.  All of our efforts are made to help provide the patients with a good and worthwhile experience.  
We finished seeing patients by 4:30 with a total seen of 582 for the day.  It was a GOOD day.