Day 5 - 3rd Surgery Day

Posted on: 05/08/2019

Author: Kimberly Hale


Day 5

Guatemalan Mission Trip Wednesday 8 May 2019

Mid-week today with our third day of surgery, and all is good. We have had two successful surgery days, two more left on our mission trip. Some patients have already been discharged from the hospital ward. Patients' smiles are bigger than prior to their surgeries. Even though they are still in a little pain upon discharge. They are all really in good spirits. After visiting with many patients including their families it's so amazing to witness and feel the love, and appreciation for our mission trip. They are all truly thankful to have been given the opportunity to get the medical care so desperately needed. As well as to see the relief of their family and friends, as the stress and concern for their loved ones lifted away. It is truly an awesome feeling to be part of this mission. It's a feeling of great compassion and knowing that when the patients have a chance to express their feelings they smile and say mucho gracias and hug us. They want all of us to know they are so changed by this gift of medical care they are receiving. They take pictures with all of us and the small generous smile and nod from a patient when they are unable to get out bed means a lot to us volunteers. Thank you, Gracias mucho Love to Faith In Practice.

The faces of our volunteers are tired. We have had a few small bouts of stomach flu for some volunteers the first few days after arrival, but on a medical mission this is not an issue. All the pre-planning has made it a minor issue. The pace of the days have been long. The flight as well as the long bus ride has also made most tired upon our arrival. However there is a strength that all the volunteers have. Our group of volunteers are determined and resourceful. We know that it will continue to be a successful week. We are truly blessed on this trip with so many gifts from all. We are all thankful to be here and serve with in this mission, and we are thankful for Faith In Practice.