Day 4 - Tuesday

Posted on: 04/17/2018

Author: Willeford, Mrs. Elizabeth

A Life of Symphony.


We are all an integral part of the body of Christ.

And the funny way that it works is the more we give away the more we get. We should rule with a heart of a servant and serve with the heart of a king.


It's another beautiful morning in Retalhuleu and we got to enjoy sunrise and the devotional outside today with tea and coffee.


After breakfast we were back in the bus and heading to the hospital at 7am.


I started off the day following the doctors to the wards to check on their patients from the day before.  Everyone is doing fantastically well, even Candido who had the very large mass removed is sitting up eating breakfast. Like most of the patients here, he is so strong, physically and mentally, and complains very little, and he will probably be able to go home in a few more days.


The first wheelchair patient came in right before 8am. Sandy and her husband traveled five hours to be here early this morning and they were rewarded with being the first ones in the door.

Sandy was in a car accident three years ago and has been using a walker to get around after spinal injury. Initially she couldn’t use her legs at all, but this girl is determined. Ideally she needs some braces, but in the meantime she is excited to have her wheelchair to be able to get around much faster.

Back home in the U.S., with physical therapy and the right ankle braces Sandy would be walking.


Analeta is 90-years-old, has Parkinson’s, arthritis and has no mobility at all. She either sits in a chair or lays in bed. Her daughter brought her in so that she can get around a bit more. She still hears really well, and she will light up with a big smile when you talk to her and give her encouragement and praise.


Jose’s body suffered massive trauma and he was pronounced dead at the hospital after his motorcycle collided with a truck about six months ago. His body was transferred to the local morgue… and then he woke up. You can still see the deep line of the scar where his brain was exposed and damaged. He can’t speak and he has very limited mobility, but his right hand signs to his brother and his mother that we would like to give me a kiss on the cheek, and he thanks all the ladies that helped him today in the same way.


After changing into scrubs Scott and I heading into the OR area to watch a few surgeries.

One lady had an abdominal hysterectomy that we had the privilege of watching. Yesterday I was feeling a little lightheaded in the OR as I don’t handle the sight of blood too well, but today was much better!


Lunch was served at 11:45 and afterwards we visited the pre-op ward. Lorenzo, 72, was prayed over by sister Lynette. He normally wears a cowboy hat which he tipped to the ladies when he walked in and is such a gentleman! Prayers were needed today as his surgery was more complicated than the doctors had expected, but everything went smoothly in the end and his life will be much more comfortable. Such a sweet charming man!


The youngest patient in surgery today was 6, the oldest was 77.  

24 patients operated on in total.


The wheelchair folks were busy this afternoon and it was really warm and muggy in those rooms today!  Kevin, 15, came in carried by his father. He was working at his job in construction when the scaffolding collapsed and he fell three floors. By some miracle he only broke his right leg. It will take 6 weeks for the bones to heal, but this kid will be okay. He left us smiling knowing that it won’t be long before he can walk again.


20 wheelchairs given out and two pairs of crutches. It was another amazingly successful day at Hospital Hilario Galindo.