Day 3 of Surgery

Posted on: 05/02/2018

Author: Cardamone-Rayner, Amy

Another great day. Very productive and full of stories. We had a gentleman come for a surgery to remove a painful bone in his throat that he had had for many years. His gratitude was overwhelming. He had tried for years to have it removed without success. It was humbling to receive his thanks. We've seen this over and over, the gratitude and thanks toward our teams when we perform surgeries we take for granted in our everyday medical practices. So often, the surgeons are blessed by the families as we take their loved ones back for surgery. A mother will say, "I give you my child to care for with God's help." 

The patience and fortitude of these people is remarkable. We see it when we round on the post-operative patients, how they bear their pain and discomfort in silence. We have to remind them to ask for pain medication when they are uncomfortable. There is a sense of mutual support amonst patients in each of the recovery wards as they encourage each other. It reminds us to be kind to each other and be grateful. Truly we receive much more from the people of Guatamala than we give.