Day 3 - Monday

Posted on: 04/16/2018

Author: Willeford, Mrs. Elizabeth

Thankfully a better start to the day with some good sleep last night. Earplugs are a beautiful thing!

Yesterday morning our devotional was focused on a "Life of Purpose." Today the message was about living a "Life of Risk." What’s on the agenda for us today God? “The gifts the King has given you are not for you alone. They’re for someone else.” Let us go out with confidence and courage and share those gifts with others today.


Breakfast right after was eggs, beans, corn tortillas, and fresh juice. This is my first time in Guatemala and the food here is delicious!


Things moved very quickly once we got to the hospital. I spent the first part of the morning with the wheelchair team while Scott took some aerial footage of the hospital and the surrounding countryside with the drone.


There were so many stories of lives being changed today. 17 wheelchairs were built and given out just this morning. Lilian is 34 and she loves to look out of the window at the people and the cars going by. To say she was petite would be an understatement. She has an adventurous spirit, but due to a polio-like birth defect she has no feeling from the waist down and has spent most of her life on a bed or being pushed around her house in a small plastic chair, dreaming of what the day might look like outside. She hates being stuck in bed, the plastic chair is uncomfortable, and she often gets pressure ulcers from it rubbing up against her skin.


Today Lilian got a wheelchair. She is tiny, about 60lbs so it needed a lot of padding.

Sitting in her new wheelchair I asked her what she likes to look at outside. Her reply was just a massive smile, which told me that she doesn’t have to dream about what’s outside anymore, because now she has the ability to get out there and see it for herself!


After a quick cup of coffee Scott and I put on scrubs and went into the OR area. What a privilege for us to see these surgeries!  Guatemala does not have the same restrictive laws as the U.S. so as long as we are respectful and in full scrubs we get to witness these life-changing surgeries first-hand.


Candido is 70 and had a prostate procedure a few years ago. Unfortunately it wasn’t done correctly which resulted in a huge hernia. The surgery took about two hours and Dr. Whitehead cut out a 20x20cm mass along with a large amount of skin which had grown over the hernia.

He had very high blood pressure in recovery 238/99 and had to have medication administered both for that and the pain, but after a good rest he was doing great later in the afternooon.


It was a long day with the final bus leaving the hospital around 5.45pm. Everyone was very relieved that voting in Guatemala was over and that we could enjoy a nice local cerveza!