Day 3 - 1st Surgery Day

Posted on: 05/06/2019

Author: Kimberly Hale

Dr Terry Scarborough

Day 3

Guatemalan Mission Trip Monday 6 May 2019

 Our first surgery day is today, the reason for all of us volunteers to be here in Guatemala with Faith In Practice medical missions. Our scheduled patients are in the waiting area when we arrive at the hospital. All the medical staff get into their scrubs and begin to get ready for the first patients of the day. One of the Faith In Practice workers, Gaetan, commented during one of our devotional times that everyone is a little anxious and nervous on the first surgery day. Especially when you are here to help those in need, it seems to be a different kind of stress and concern. Surgeries begin in all the ORs this morning. Dr. Brunner assited, Dr. Cardamone-Rayner ENT Surgeon perform a parotid tumor removal. Dr. Scarborough, one of the general surgeons performs a laparoscopic right inguinal hernia repair. Dr. Clawser, Dr. Berkle, & Dr. Wages, OBGYN surgeons perform a hysterectomy, and prolapsed bladder repair. Dr. Bonnor another general surgeon performed an excision of a right shoulder lipoma. Several other sugeries were performed today and there is a full schedule already for this week as well as several possible add on surgeries.

    The first day of surgery was a successful day for all our surgical teams. Several patients are in the hospital ward room for overnight observation. The surgeons will do patient rounds Tuesday morning to evaluate recovery and discharge the patients that are to go home. In-house patients stay on the ward until Wednesday morning rounds. Patient Amparo, who is 68 years old, traveled from her village two hours away from hospital. Amparo is very grateful to the surgeons and to Faith In Practice for helping with her  hysterectomy. Another patient Freddy traveled 10 hours form his village in Jalapa to the hospital for surgery. He and his wife are staying in the hostel until all the patients who traveled from or near Jalapa are discharged. After they are cleared for travel buses that are arranged by FIP will get all patients to there home. Freddy and his wife who have been married 25 years. They are so grateful and thankful for Faith In Practice, and all that the medical staff does to ensure successful surgery.