Day 2: Triage Day

Posted on: 10/02/2016

Author: Morgan, Ms. Mackenzie

Hola from Guatemala!

Today has been a triage day, and the medical team has spent the morning unpacking supplies and meeting with patients to prepare them for their upcoming surgeries throughout the week.  We were inspired this morning by a sermon that admonished each of us to reflect this week on what has brought us here and to think about what God is trying to teach us as we help and serve the people who are in need of our skills and abilities.  We have been inspired by stories like that of Armando, a volunteer who helps bring people from all over the country, including his home region of Jalapa, to help them get the care they need. Several years ago when Armando had a tumor removed from the left side of his face, he came to Hilario Galindo to have his reconstructive surgery done. After having a positive experience here, he decided to start helping other people by sacrificing his time as a volunteer to transport people from as far as five hours away so they can get the help they need. Many others have had experiences similar to Armando’s that have truly changed their lives. Each patient is so grateful that we are here to help.

   One patient told us that she did not trust anyone to do a surgery that she needed, but after her husband had a good experience at Hilario Galindo, she decided to come. After meeting with us today she feels reassured and she will now be able to receive the medical care she needs. Just one day of meeting with patients and local staff and we have been so uplifted by their stories of faith and perseverance.

   We look forward to the coming week and pray for the health and safety of our patients and the members of our team. Thank you to all those who have made it possible for us to serve and all those who are supporting and praying for us.