Day 2 - Sunday

Posted on: 04/15/2018

Author: Willeford, Mrs. Elizabeth

5:15 a.m. alarm. Last night we were quite enthralled about all the peacocks here as we walked around the enclosed compound. This morning I would definitely say we are Lukewarm about them... with a capital L. Not the best night sleep. Need tea.


Okay, breakfast and caffeine in the belly…. Good morning Guatemala! Sunrise is at 5:50 a.m. ready or not, and after a wonderful devotion time and a quick breakfast everyone was ready for the 7 a.m. bus. Well, almost everyone :)

The 10 minute bus ride to the hospital was pretty animated. The great local coffee has definitely kicked in already!


Seems we have a very busy day ahead. There are over 40 patients scheduled for today’s triage and so much unpacking and settling in before the first big day of surgeries tomorrow. I’ve not previously been blessed to be so immersed in the medical community before, but I’m realizing first-hand how hard these crazy medical magicians work.


We had a tour of the recently updated and beautifully kept hospital, and then everyone split up to take care of their part in this great orchestration of work that makes such a difference in people’s lives here. So much preparation and planning goes on behind the scenes to make a trip like this happen!


Our lovely sister and resident pastor Lynette said a few words and prayed over the waiting families, who in turn prayed loudly over us, and then the doors opened. Some people had traveled eight hours to be here and were eager to get seen and have their questions answered, but everyone was unbelievably patient, gently waiting their turn. Not once did I hear raised voices or irritation or frustration. And come to find out so much of their day was spent waiting as many planned to travel back to their villages together.  


I really felt the impact of the work Faith In Practice after meeting Jacklyn, a 20-year-old woman who almost died and was left incredibly limited in her mobility after being severely electrocuted at the age of 17. She had come into contact with some downed power lines and the current had exited her leg which required an amputation and six surgeries. She had been using crutches for 3 years. Jacklyn’s father, José told us how their faith brought them to Hospital Hilario Galindo where she was fitted for a wheelchair by the team lead by Josh. Overwhelmed with gratitude, José shared how happy his daughter was and what an incredible impact this would have on her life.


Lunch was served at 11:30 a.m. but there was barely a break for the doctors and their assistants in the clinic reviewing all the cases. They were going nonstop today.


Finally around 4:30 p.m. the day started to slow down and we were able to have some fun jumping rope with the kids (and big kids) of the group.


It’s been a really busy day, but I know the real fun starts tomorrow!