Day 2

Posted on: 03/18/2019

Author: Marybeth Kampman

Day 2

Today was a day filled with anticipatory excitement. No one was late for breakfast or devotionals. We were all raring to get started.

When we arrived at the Obras there was the usual flurry of choosing scrubs getting changed and in the tiny changing rooms.


For many members of the team this was old hat, but some members were new to the team and some were entering a surgical suite for the first time. It was a day where many would be a little outside their comfort zone at first until things settled into the daily routine. Many members of the team would be doing jobs that weren’t exactly what they did at home. Nurses would be filling their usual roles in a different environment, surgeons and anesthesiologists would be working with unfamiliar equipment and be forming new surgical teams. Students on break from school would be acting as interpreters and doing data entry for medical records. Team cooks were helping out with labeling making for the pharmacy.  


All of us veterans and newbies alike had to adapt to changes in staffing and regulations that had occurred since the team was here in 2017. Team members helped each other out, small glitches in scheduling were smoothed out, no voices were raised, everyone was helpful and patient. The initial high level of activity quickly turned into the familiar hum of a well organized, highly skilled and caring team. Flexibility was the name of the game.