Day 2

Posted on: 04/01/2019

Author: Charla Blackwell

James 2:17 Even so faith, if it have not works, is dead in itself.

During our morning devotion, Donald told us we are not here by accident. God wants us to be here!

Today, I spent a good amount of time on the surgery side. I was blown away by the sheer number of surgeries the four doctors performed. The gynecologists completed six hysterectomies total, as well as a DNC and an IUD insertion; the general surgeons took out six gallbladders, repaired seven hernias, and cut out two tissue masses. They were able to work efficiently, while at the same time working with interpreters and nurses to help the patients feel secure for these life-changing procedures.

One of the greatest miracles we witnessed today was with a very nervous and frightened patient who had a complicated hysterectomy. Many people prayed with her, reassured her, and lifted her up. Following her surgery she was returned to the ward after a successful recovery--or so we thought. During her time in the ward, her abdomen started swelling. The nurses became alarmed and called the surgery coordinators. Immediately, they notified her operating team, who was finishing up one of the last surgeries of the day. They were able to take her back in and stop the bleeding that had filled her abdomen. Her life was definitely in danger. Had the surgery team already left the hospital and had to return during the night, her odds of survival would have been so much less. This patient received two units of blood and by God's will this patient was saved.

In the wheelchair clinic, I had the honor of meeting Damian, who was born with brain atrophy. He's never walked, or even crawled, in his 18 years of life. The occupational therapists worked hard to make several necessary modifications to his wheelchair, in order to accommodate his body. He came with his brother and had an incredibly positive attitude. When asked if he has a girlfriend, Damian blushed and nodded, specifying he only has one. Some people who come into the wheelchair clinic don't have independent living skills and their families abandoned them because of their dependence and constant needs. Usually, their entire community contributes to their care. One neighbor cooks for them one day and another the next. Acquiring a wheelchair gives these people mobility and dignity. Additionally, while the patients wait for their wheelchair fitting, Faith In Practice takes the opportunity to provide hygiene education through videos. Sometimes the patients we meet in the wheelchair clinic end up being treated in the surgical center as well. One of the homeless ladies who came in for a wheelchair was discussing her physical condition with the doctor (through her interpreter) and it was discovered that her difficulty urinating was the result of constant pain related to a prolapsed uterus. She is now scheduled for surgery on Wednesday and her life will be changed. God put that doctor in the right place at the right time. Throughout the day, several of the patients, both in surgery and in the wheelchair clinic, included both God and the medical staff in their thanks and prayers. The patients saw God in the everyday work of the doctors and nurses, and chose to trust them with their bodies and health. By the end of day, we still have more than half the week to continue to live out our faith.