Day 2

Posted on: 03/24/2019

Author: Adrian van Deudekom

San Francisco el Alto San Francisco el Alto

Journey to Totonicapán

Our life-changing medical mission in Guatemala leads us to the rural region of Totonicapán, one of 22 departamentos in Guatemala. The residents here express pre-Columbian customs, adapted to the traditions imposed by the Spanish. The area we are serving in is the center of the Sierra Madre mountains with a altitude of 7,500ft. The Faith In Practice village team will be in two communities here, San Francisco el Alto and Chotacaj. Textiles and clothing drive the local economy. After the Civil War, many locals fled to the United States leaving a dependency on electronic remittances. This is a very indigenous area speaking the Maya language K’iche. Faith In Practice is using local interpreters along with our Spanish interpreters so they can effectively communicate health issues and treatments that may be hard for the local population to understand.