Day 1: Arrival in Guatemala

Posted on: 10/01/2016

Author: Morgan, Ms. Mackenzie

Hola from Guatemala!


  After a few long days of travel, we are excited to finally be here getting to work! Yesterday we spent the morning visiting Casa de Fe and Las Obras Hospital in Antigua. We heard an inspiring presentation by Linda McCarty, President and CEO of Faith in Practice. She talked to us about the great work that we are helping Faith in Practice accomplish in Guatemala, and how we are continuing a work that has been going on for 15 years.  Each of us has been deeply inspired by the service of those that have gone before us, and we look forward to the opportunities and experiences we have to bless the lives of others as we embark on this journey.

   We also enjoyed taking a tour and meeting the residents of Las Obras, guided by hospital volunteer coordinator, Xiomara Toledo.  Through the combined efforts of over 400 foreign and Guatemalan volunteers, as well as a hard working staff, their facility is able to provide full time care for over 239 residents.  We felt an abundance of love and compassion as we met and interacted with the residents in each ward.  We are grateful for the work that they do at Las Obras, and we were excited to learn about the advancements they have made to provide better care for their patients.