Clinic in Village of Monjas, Days 3&4, March 13-14, 2019

Posted on: 03/14/2019

Author: Joyce Gilbreath

Clinic in Monjas, Days 3 & 4, March 13-14, 2019

"Do your little bit of good where you are.  It's those little bits of good put together

that overwhelm the world."   Desmond Tutu

Best Dressed Scrubs theme today is " The Flintstones". About 5 of the same usual suspects arrived at Devotional in Fred, Wilma, Pebbles and Barney attire right from their cave.  It's always a lot of fun....Tomorrow's theme is " Hollywood" and photo will be sent in my "Farewell to Guatemala" blog when I return home. I am expecting a lot of glitz so be prepared  to be dazzled. I will also send the final statistics for the week in that blog.

The week has been full of long days, hard work and the team is showing some signs of fatigue (that might be putting it lightly).  We stick with our regular schedule of on the bus at 7:00.  Since we do not need to set up clinic, we will start seeing patients upon arrival.  As always, a long line awaits us.  There appears to be a lot of elderly and decreased mobility patients today' whom the gate keepers let in early. 

I would like to take this time to tell you about our Mobility Clinic.  Faith In Practice partnered with Free Wheelchair Mission about three years ago.  Our team members, Bob and Cindy Holloway sit on the board of  this organization. Free Wheelchair Mission has been in operation 10 years and gave away its' one millionth wheelchair in 2018.  The receiving organization must be faith based but Faith In Practice has to cover the cost of transportation, taxes and port charges.  The wheelchairs are non-collapsible but are individually fitted to the patient's size.  The physical therapists, Beverly and Melissa instructs the patient on transfer methods and use of the chair.  Bob, Cindy, Dick, Carol, Faith In Practice staff, Blanca puts these wheelchairs together.  I have also seen the redcaps building the wheelchairs.  It is a beautiful sight to see these patients lined up with their brand new shiny blue wheelchairs.

The clinic was very busy today.  When pediatric clinic was finished for the day, they took patients from the adult medicine clinic.  Everyone working  together to see each patient before closing.  After closing, the village leaders had an  Appreciation Ceremony for Faith In Practice and each volunteer received a certificate.  As always, on the bus back to the hotel.

In closing,

" Do small things with GREAT LOVE"       Mother Teresa

Goodnight from Guatemala