Clinic in El Aquacate, March 12, 2019

Posted on: 03/13/2019

Author: Joyce Gilbreath

Clinic in El Aquacate, March 12, 2019

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."  Helen Keller

These wise words sums up the meaning of the word TEAM





In my job as photo/journalist, I am honored to represent this team, these volunteers and their work.  On a daily basis, I usually visit each team (camera hanging around my neck) and witness the cooperation within a team and across teams throughout the entire clinic.  This is what makes Faith In Practice so special,  local Guatemalan volunteers working beside Faith In Practice volunteers.  The ultimate priority of this team and of every member is to take care of the needs of each patient who enters our clinic.

To start the new day, roosters began crowing at about 4:30am.  I guess Faith In Practice volunteers should not complain as our wake-up call is 5:15.  Our normal day is 5:00am to 9:00pm.  The theme of  today's Best dressed Scrubs is  "Mad Scientist".  We had a lot of funny looking glasses, test tubes and beakers.  Einstein is on the very last row with the " white wild hair" with Ed Zost, Pharmacist , playing the part of Einstein (fitting).

As always, on the bus by 7:00 to drive to the village of Monjas, about 30 minutes away.  I need to make a correction at this time,  OOPs!  as I do not wish to be the journalist who spreads " fake news",  I wish to make a retraction, I got the clinics and their names mixed up.  We opened clinic in El Aquacate for day 1 and 2 and will finish in Monjas for days 3 and 4..  Both are small villages,  but the elementary school where we will hold clinic today is much larger and moderately well equipped.  Although we still use a bucket of water to flush the toilets in both villages.  A Faith In Practice Guatemalan volunteer will be outside the door of the bathroom with a bucket of water all day and mops the floor constantly. 

Many of our volunteers take pictures with their cell phones and have been sending them to me.  Since I cannot be in all places at all times,  I am happy to post them to our blogs.  Today I have posted several photos from volunteers, Terry Estes and Joe Wiatt.  The photo of mother and son in burgundy colored clothes was sent to me by Terry Estes.   The young boy is four years old,  has severe brain damage and is about the size of a toddler.  We have come to understand  that there are some patients that we do not have the means to help and can only offer our care, concern and comfort.  This is some of the sad events that I talked about in an earlier blog.

Another case involved a 17-year-old mother and severely ill son (pictured on stretcher) who had been sick for 15 days.   The baby was 17 months old and had severe difficulty breathing.  The mother would not have been able to admit the baby to the hospital due to being a minor.  Faith In Practice made arrangements for one of its'  drivers to take mother and child to find the 21-year-old father of son,  so child could be admitted to hospital.  An update was given at dinner tonight and they found a private doctor who would do the diagnostic test for free.   The baby was diagnosed with pneumonia and was doing better at  this time.  This case reinforces the need for health care in this country and shows that volunteers from Faith In Practice do make a difference.

  At the close of clinic, you already know this, it's on the bus for our 30 minute drive home,  In closing, 

"There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up."

John Holmes

Goodnight from Guatemala