Casa de Fe

Posted on: 02/20/2019

Author: Ray Williams
Photographer: Ed Shapoff

Several of us took a break from the hospital today to visit Case de Fe. After a walk through town, we rang the doorbell and were greeted by Lesbia Andrade, the Director of Case de Fe. Although we were not expected, we were cordially welcomed and graciously given an informative tour by Lesbia.  

We learned that in January of 2003, Faith In Practice (FIP) opened the doors of Casa de Fe (House of Faith) for patients of Faith In Practice. Case de Fe serves as a guesthouse for both patients coming to the Obras Hospital for surgery and for the recovering surgical patients after they are discharged from the hospital. Family members are also welcome to stay at Case de Fe. Most of the patients and families travel long distances to come to Obras Hospital for care. Without this special place, many of these patients and their families would be left on the streets or in unsafe hotels. Case de Fe has 100 beds, but if it gets filled up at night, they have negotiated a discount at a nearby hotel. Since the opening in 2003, visitors have found clean beds, received hot meals, and recovered in the safety of Casa de Fe. They can stay there for as long as they need until they are strong enough to return home. In 2018, Case de Fe housed over 6,000 people and had 22,000 bed days.

Many have described it as Faith In Practice’s version of the Ronald McDonald House. The courtyard is sun filled; there are blooming plants, a small fountain where family members can wash clothes by hand if they choose to but washing machines are provided. Most importantly, it is safe; there are beds, running hot and cold clean water, electricity, and 3 nutritious meals a day for all.