Bullard 632 - Surgery day one

Posted on: 07/15/2019

Author: Joe McLaughlin

We started hitting the ground running, with twenty-two scheduled surgeries and more 'add ons' surgeries that are added after those scheduled for the day.

We all found our place to ensure each patient was taken care of and felt as comfortable as they could be- some patients excited, smiling, scared, nervous, anxious as with any surgery - but everyone so grateful -as some have spent many years with gall stones, hernias, pain and being uncomfortable for many reasons.

These surgeries are truly life-changing and in some cases life-saving. All patients shown have permission to be photographed and shown on our blog.

Our team had a few challenges along with a very long day ending at approx 7:15pm when we departed the hospital BUT all team members knocked it out of the park and made a difference.

by: Tisha Valverde-Westwood