Answered Prayers

Posted on: 03/26/2019

Author: Meaghan Gallacher

Dr. Woolf lead the team in devotional this morning. During the morning hour he shared the story of Isaiah 65 and then asked the team “Why are we here?” In his own words, “We are nurses, doctors, scrub techs, administrators, photographers, interpreters…. but to our patients, we are answered prayers.” 

Our time here in Guatemala has been short, but impactful and lead by God. Here are some stories about how we are answering prayers: 

  • The Wheelchair Team successfully fit 11 men, women and children with wheelchairs and walkers. This group left at midnight on Sunday and traveled over 11 hours and 250 kilometers through northeast Guatemala to get to Antigua. The group was from a rural village and were asked to bring one family member of friend to travel with them and stay overnight in Casa de Fe. The patients were so so so happy and extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to receive wheelchairs from Faith In Practice and were all smiling ear to ear! Many of the patients had not been mobile in several years due to deformed limbs, amputated limbs, and muscular dystrophy and had waited several years to be given this opportunity. The success of the wheelchair program has been tremendous – we have been given out more than 50 wheelchairs so far! 
  • Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Conrad’s patient, Carlos-Fernando, came to Faith In Practice with a mal-union of the lower tibia fracture. Carlos-Fernando was going to be having surgery to correct his curved calf bone that had healed abnormally after an accident over six years ago. Dr. Rodriguez and Dr. Conrad performed a successful surgery (before and after pictures are included in the photos) and when Carlos-Fernando woke up and saw his leg straight for the first time, he started sobbing uncontrollably. He explained how excited and happy he was and was seeing his leg (that was now straight!) for the first time. Carlos shared that he had accepted the hand he was dealt with the accidents and now had a chance at a normal life. 

We look forward to sharing more with you about how we are answering prayers here in Guatemala!