Another day of miracles

Posted on: 04/18/2018

Author: Piland, Mrs. Cheryl

Wednesday morning and it’s another beautiful day. Kelly Sanders led us in our devotional this morning. He told us that we are called to serve and put others above of ourselves. John 13 tells us about when Jesus got down on the floor and washed his disciples feet, the lowest job one could do in those days. Again the message was well received, are we serving people that others may not feel are worthy? All are worthy! Rich, poor, influential or homeless!

Dr. Brian Parsley told us a great story today about Solomon a 31-year-old man who was riding his bicycle home at night when he was about 20. He was coming down a hill when he collided with a tractor which didn’t have lights on. Solomon broke multiple bones and was left in a wheelchair with no use of his left arm. Drs. Parsley and Chappy Conrad repaired his pelvic bone, his femur, lengthened his Achilles tendon, and removed scar tissue from around his sciatic nerve.

The PT team was issued a challenge with Solomon. To create a walker that a one arm man could use, and they did it!! Bits and pieces of several different canes, walkers, and crutches were used. You can see the end result on the blog pictures.

Many surgeries were performed again today including knee and hip replacements and the various ENT procedures that Dr. Pogo does.

Another heart warming story……a patient was crying in the recovery room with the nurses huddled around him. Was he hurting or sick to his stomach?  No, he was crying because of what he considered a miracle!! Doctors and nurses coming from another country to take care of him, a man they didn’t even know.

Without the nurse circulators, scrub nurses and techs surgery wouldn't go as smoothly!  Ashley Anderson, Megan Bishopp, Anna Perry, Emily Vallejo, Brett Perry, Kelly Sanders, Lauren Lawson. Paul Masciola, Raymond Guerrero and Anthony Pogodzinski we are honoring you for your service!!