610 Team Surgery Day 1

Posted on: 03/11/2019

Author: Anne Fretes

Surgery Day 1


At long last the surgeries that both patients and Faith In Practice doctors and staff have been preparing for has arrived. For anyone who has experienced surgery you will understand and remember that there is a mixture of anticipation, worry, hope and utter terror that can often accompany this kind of moment. Being under the effect of anesthesia leaves one completely vulnerable to the kindness, care and competence of others. Having been in that position myself on several occasions during the course of my lifetime I am left to wonder just what that experience would be like if I didn't even speak the same language of those in whose care I have entrusted myself. It must add tremendously to the anxiety that many may feel leading up to surgery. It is also entirely possible that many have waited for years for this moment, either because they postponed it for as long as possible or because they haven't even known that it was an option for them, given that most have little or no access to medical care.


It was a privilege to get to be a part of today's “opening day” of surgeries at Las Obras Hospital for all of the above reasons. The other part of this experience that made it special indeed for me personally was that as a young girl I was utterly convinced that I would one day become a nurse. But then when I discovered my complete disinterest in science during high school, I realized reluctantly that my dreams of becoming a nurse would need to change course. This awareness left me wandering for awhile since I had no “plan B” at the time. Even though I eventually found other outlets for my gifts and talents, it was nevertheless a thrill to get to be a part of the medical team today in my own way as the blogger for our trip. I truly enjoyed witnessing the teamwork and skill of the Faith In Practice medical team who have given so much of their time, resources, talent and energy to be here to help the people of Guatemala.


Here are a few of my personal observations about our medical team:

-They are committed to their work and their patients.

-They are high energy and strong.

-There is camaraderie and a feeling of, “We are in this together!”

-Everyone's job is important.

-They appreciate a good sense of humor and like to have fun.

-They understand that they need to be flexible and adaptable, especially here in Guatemala where medical cases are frequently more complicated than the norm because of years of medical neglect.


I'm not sure the team would agree with me on every one of these observations, but I bet they would with at least some of them!


That's all for today. Tomorrow will be another adventure!