609 Meet Drs. Pollina & Vergotine

Posted on: 03/05/2019

Author: Wendy Kirsner

Drs. Pollina & Vergotine

609 Meet Drs. Pollina & Vergotine

The week starts early for Drs. Pollina and Vee (Vergotine) and they get right to work seeing patients on Sunday!  85 children, ranging in age from three years old, will be seen in the dental clinic this week and all of the children are from a single school.  Some children will have their teeth cleaned, some will have cavities filled and others will have teeth extracted - and every child will get a lesson in proper tooth hygiene!  

The patio is filled with smiling faces and all of the children are busy coloring pictures of teeth with colored pencils in coloring books which Drs. Pollina and Vee brought with them in a huge duffel bag full of goodies. Two children at a time enter the clinic and take a chair, each child still has a smile on their face although slightly more crooked in anticipation!  Not to fear tho because Dr. Pollina brings out a belly laugh from one boy by spinning his index finger round and round on the buffing tool! 

These kids are troopers as they have their procedures, it is likely the first time they have had any dental care and the part of the procedure that seems to bother every kid the most is the air and water spouts!  After the procedure is done Drs. Pollina and Vee ask their patient how many times a day they will brush their teeth from now on and without hesitation every child holds up three fingers!

On the way out every child gets a bag with a tooth brush and tooth paste and another lesson in proper tooth hygiene, and every time the dental clinic door is opened there is a waiting mother with her ear up to the door and a smile on her face as her child walks out.  Mom gets another lesson in tooth hygiene, too!