609 Day 4 Surgery begins

Posted on: 03/04/2019

Author: Wendy Kirsner

609 Day 4 Surgery begins

The patients are called one by one into the hospital while their families are gathered in the hospital courtyard.  Each patient is asked to change into a hospital gown and green socks and is given a bed to rest in before surgery.  The pre-op nurses are very busy now documenting each patient and surgery, taking vitals and asking questions - "What is your name?  What procedure will you be having today?  Do you have any allergies?"  The Dr. meets each patient and carefully marks the patient for surgery and Rev. Dr. Chase prays with each patient.  

Manuel is having a bilateral Hernia surgery.  He has been smiling since he walked into the pre-op and he laughs and shakes Thomas' hand, and then they walk together into the operating room.  Ken is Manuel's Nurse Anesthetist and Manuel is laughing at something Ken is asking him, I think it's something about beans, but as much as I wanted to over the last year I still haven’t learned any Spanish!  Manual is asleep, everyone in the room performs a time-out and documents who is in the room, the music starts, and the surgery begins!

The music is an important feature in each operating room, and everyone comes prepared with a playlist!

Manuel's surgery is over, he is awake and wheeled into post-op, he still has a smile on his face!