We Need Wheelchairs

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Each year our medical clinic teams distribute wheelchairs in the field. This year we have a significant shortage and need your help.

Here are a few options you can use to help, but first contact our office so that we can assist you.

1. Consider doing a wheelchair drive in your church/community.

2. Check with your local retirement homes.

3. Contact healthcare facilities in your area.

4. If you are outside the Houston area, and you have a number of wheelchairs that you would like to ship to us, contact us to discuss the logistics.

5. If you are inside the Houston area, call our office to have the wheelchairs picked up.

Shipping costs will have to be considered.

For information, please contact Tara Ganji at tganji@faithinpractice.org or call 713-484-5555.