An Unforgettable Night of Comedy

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Pat and Sarah Stanley are AMAZING! Another successful Night of Comedy. All of it was made possible by the Stanleys’ heart and commitment and Arch-Con Corp’s energy and joy. It truly was a special night. We would also like to thank Architechtural Floors, Highrise Electric, and Karsten Interior Services for their faithfulness and enthusiasm. And all the sponsors, new and old.


Raising $39,200, and raising the roof with laughter, hope, and joy, everyone’s commitment to serve those in need in Guatemala was electric and electrifying. Thanks to comedians Kristin Lindner, Ted Vincent, and Alan Adams (and of course the Stanleys) for making this such a wonderful night. Thank you all so much!


Faith In Practice President and CEO, Rev. Linda McCarty receives check from the comedians at the 12th Annual Night of Comedy


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