Bullard Surgery

View from the planeTeam members at the airport on the way to GuatemalaTeam members at the airport on the way to GuatemalaTeam members at the airport on the way to GuatemalaStaff member Gaetan with team members at dinnerPreparations at the hospitalSetting up operating rooms at HHGSetting up operating rooms at HHGChapel at HHGPatients waiting at HHGVolunteer with JoseJoseGloriaVolunteer with GloriaTraffic jam on the way to the hospitalStaff member Josh with LilianaLilianaSurgery room at HHGSurgery room at HHGTeam members with Gerber before surgery at HHGGerberBullard Team PhotoLandscapeTwo macaws
We’re Back!!! The team left Los Angeles on the red eye flight to Guatemala City at midnight on June 4th. We arrived the next morning in Guatemala bright and early at sunrise. The team has travelled together on this mission as part of the safety bubble we’ve put in use for pandemic safety of... Read More
Today was the day all the planning and preparation got real.  The hospital was abuzz with patients and staff working together on getting intake materials done, initial screening completed,scheduling admission appointments and providing patient education ahead of surgeries starting tomorrow. We... Read More
Extremely busy day with 14 surgeries completed. It’s an impressive experience to see a medical all star team like this in full flight. You have probably witnessed a parallel phenomena to this team process in the natural world called murmuration. Birds, sometimes hundreds at a time, moving in... Read More
We completed 15 surgeries  today. Amazing coordination required to make all the essential pieces work in sync; pre-op, surgery, OR nursing, OR anesthesia, pharmacy, post anesthesia care unit, and finally recovery unit placement and discharge preparation. The role of the translators has also... Read More
13 surgeries were completed today. We had a unique traffic stop on the way to the hospital this morning with a group of cattle meandering their way across the road. Patient Highlights Gerber Gerber came in for surgery yesterday, and when we talked this morning, he was very excited about... Read More
12 surgeries completed today, our last day at the hospital. Lots of work today packing up & storing supplies, equipment & medications in prep for the next team coming in. Beautiful heavy rain storms throughout this week, usually in the midafternoon.  This week there were 54 surgeries... Read More