Surgery Inglesby Antigua

Edy having his eard examined by ENT doc, FredAudiology Team- Poala, Alexa, and KelliJanet with hands full in our PharmacyRon, Pharmacist to ALL our patients!5 year old Abner, solemnly waiting his turn with Neil's ENT TeamDafne misses her friends and teachers, but loves visiting with usEdy gives a thumbs up in the pre-op roomAbner waking up in the recovery room in the arms of his grateful mamaMama and Dariany waiting to be seen by Fred after visiting our Audiology ClinicSometimes visiting the Dentist can by scaryEdy waking up in Dad's loving armsSteve and Jeff helping Cindy to understand Dafne's storyHearing being tested in the Audiology ClinicJuanita chose a bunny and bright knitted hat in the recovery room"Please choose a small gift to remind you of your visit here"Kelli testing Milcy's hearing as Mama looks onEd, our photographer, enjoying the challenge of posting his photos Juana is so grateful for our help, she has invited us all to her homeGo, Team 651, Go!Jeff, Juana, and Edgar wait for Juana's name to be calledEd, photographer, and Edgar FIP VolunteerJenna's gentle touch and command of Spanish welcomes another patient in the Recovery RoomWaiting her turn patiently outside the Audiology Clinic God bless you for helping us. We are a poor country and thank you for coming here.90 1/2 year old Ciaraco was happy to talk with us and be photographerIt was Ciaraco's daughter who thanked and blessed Ed with the gift of 6 tamales wrapped in cloth, all they had to give, to say thank you for hearing our storyOur Cinderfella Art on shopping day with the Cooking Team
We were treated to a late breakfast and so happy to be up after the sun today.  We were thrilled to see that our 3 ailing team members had recovered and were. back with us! I thought this a good time to see if anyone had some last thought to share. Dan and Cam signed on to their first Faith In... Read More
Like our patients, blessed members of Team 651 have scattered and we are now home in the arms of our Dear Ones. Please care for us and treat us tenderly as we adjust to being home from the majestic mountaintop where we have been bathed in God's warm love. I have one more blog to post, a... Read More
Buenos Dias, amigos! Before I begin today’s story, I’d like to add a few things that happened yesterday. While I was frantically trying to recover Tuesday’s lost blog (with the help of Steve, Steven, Ed, even my son in NJ!), Ed came racing into the breakroom (my office), “Cindy, you have to... Read More
We are mid-week in this adventure. Waking up to 5:00 alarms is more difficult, folks are a little slower getting to breakfast, shoulders, backs, legs, feet need stretching and rubbing as we get ready for Day 3 of Surgery. Thank goodness for Cooking team arising at 4:45am to get the Apple... Read More
I was so pleased to have blog finished and uploaded before 5:00pm yesterday! That meant time to socialize with Team after long and wonderful day AND an early bedtime--Yay! Was just made aware Tuesday-Surgery Day 2 never posted. Original cannot be found which means starting all over. Will begin... Read More
Day One Surgery   Before reading today’s blog…please understand it is late, the day has been long and wonderful. My editing skills are lacking at this hour (especially where my tenses are concerned). It is most important you hear our story, please ignore the grammatical errors. Thank You!  ... Read More