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2020 Team TyssePastor JasonTriageTriageRed Hat VolunteersMorning PrayerOur audiology department fitted this young girl with a hearing aid.
Day 6 – Our last day of clinic Once again, we started our day at 5:30 with our morning devotional and meeting.  Jason shared one of his favorite lament Psalms, Psalm 13.  The Psalms speak about how the person is feeling in a prayer to God.  This Psalmist is suffering, and he is desperate to... Read More
Day Five Our day began at 5:30. Instead of Pastor Jason opening with a new reading from the book of Psalms, he explained that one of our team members was going to share her story and how Psalm 23 has such a special meaning to her.  Johanna is one of our team’s pharmacists from Augusta, Georgia... Read More
Day Four – 2nd day of clinic Our day begins at 5:30 AM with our morning devotional.  Pastor Jason opens by reading Psalm 23. 
This may be one of the most widely known chapters in the Bible.  These scriptures offer both comfort and hope when we find ourselves amid hard times. Psalm 23... Read More
Day 3 – The First Day of Clinic Our day began very early with the devotion at 5:30 followed by a breakfast buffet and then onto the buses for a 7:00 departure. Jason read scriptures from Psalm 41 verses 1-4 and 12 -13.  Everyone was eager to get to the clinic and start seeing patients.   As we... Read More
Day Two – Travel and Set Up We began our morning at 6:30 AM in the lovely Jade Salon of our hotel, Las Farolas.  Pastor Jason opened by reading Psalm 121.  Many believe this scripture was recited or even sung by the Israelites as they traveled along their journey to Jerusalem.  This Psalm... Read More
Day 1 On our first full day in Antigua, Team Tysse gathered at 7:00 AM for our morning meeting and devotional. Pastor Jason began with a reading from Psalm 1: 1-3. He challenged us to focus on these scriptures and to meditate on God’s word and His call for us to reflect His love to others.... Read More