Surgery Morgan Retalhuleu

Team Morgan 648 on our way to Hilario Galindo!Ada, Lilian, and Annalique waiting outside the hospital.Mackenzie and Maddie hanging out with two new friends.Gladys laughing at our attempts to speak Spanish correctly.Jose, Yolanda, and Leslie spent awhile visiting with Jacque as Yolanda waited to see a doctor.Maria and Mark consulting with a patient.Deb organizing supplies on triage day.Sonya folding linens in preparation for our first patients.Simi straightening supplies before surgery starts.Patients from San Sebastian waiting to meet with Alex, our wheelchair intake doctor.Claudia and Josh working hard in the wheelchair clinic.Catarina came to the wheelchair clinic with friends.Janet and Cupertino waiting together outside the wheelchair clinic.Maria, Vilma, and Tomas taught us how to speak a little K'iche', which is one of twenty Mayan languages spoken in Guatemala.Clif, Gena, and Lynley during surgery.Maria assists Clif during surgery.Gena works with Clif and Maria during surgery.Louisa, Amir, and Liz performing one of many surgeries on Tuesday.Sherry and Stephen stand by in the operating room.Mandy is constantly on the move making sure doctors and patients are taken care of.Margarita, Gerrardo, Bonnie, Sonya, Deb, and Stephen check on patients in recovery.Bonnie and Deb staying on top of their patients' records.Sonya and Wilmer take excellent care of patients in recovery.Simi and Steve pose with Ada shortly before she heads into surgery. Ada was a star patient!Brenna, Steve, and Nancy (with Sherry in the background) concentrate during a surgery.Sherry is ready to jump into action at a second's notice.Liz and Louisa examine a patient's gall bladder while Amir works in the background.Mariola stands at the ready as Louisa and Liz study the monitor.Mark, Kevin, Jeff, and Holly use their amazing medical skills to improve the lives of their patients.Kevin and Jeff perform surgery on a patient as Holly assists.Mark and Rene administer local anesthesia to a patient.Karen and James stop for a brief moment between operating rooms.Steve, Nancy, and Ada after her successful surgery.Alex, our wheelchair intake doctor, welcomes a patient and his family.Alex assesses the mobility needs of a patient.Brenda came to the clinic with her mother, Brenda, and her brother, Hugo.Byron, Josh, and Claudia help the wheelchair clinic run smoothly. Look! There's Carla in the doorway!Solomon and Elizabeth are attended to by the wheelchair clinic staff--Mckenzie, Gerrardo, Lorena, and Byron.Dania helps Lilian learn how to care for her mother, Eusevia, who received a new wheelchair today.The wheelchair clinic couldn't have gotten by without Mackenzie and Maddie's help.John and Mackenzie work together to assemble a new wheelchair.Lilian and her mother, Eusevia, in her new wheelchair shortly before they head back home.Craig was an indispensible member of the wheelchair team.Carmen and Elvira shortly after Elvira received her new wheelchair.Lorena, Gerrardo, and Mackenzie help Elizabeth get used to her new wheelchair.Jacque spent some time with Paola and her three daughters, Carla, Maria, and Paola.Here's Brenda and her family with her new wheelchair!
Team Morgan’s surgical team saw 84 patients and performed 119 procedures. The  wheelchair team treated 157 patients. They built and gave away 122 wheelchairs, 10 canes, 15 walkers, 2 pairs of crutches, 2 verticalizers, 1 hospital chair, and 3 special chairs.      
The surgical team spent our final day at Hilario Galindo performing their last surgeries as our wheelchair team fitted the remaining patients with new wheelchairs. At the end of the day, everyone was tired—a good tired. Everyone had performed their parts perfectly all week. It was touching to... Read More
Last night, shortly before we were scheduled to leave the hospital, a patient experienced serious duress in the recovery room. Every member of the medical team jumped into action . . .
After James’ devotional this morning, Mariola recounted what happened next and how it affected her:... Read More
We spent the entire day in surgery today. This week, the surgical team is addressing problems that range from gallstones to uterine prolapse. Many of the surgeries are by the book, but due to unavailable equipment or the ill health of patients, our surgeons sometimes have to think outside the... Read More
Today was the first day of surgery and the hospital was alive with movement. Team Morgan has five doctors performing surgery, and they each performed 5-6 surgeries today. It was remarkable to watch the cooperation and the efficiency in each room as the doctors and nurses worked to... Read More
Our first official day of work began with a morning devotional led by the team’s chaplain, James.
There are forty-eight team members on Team Morgan 648, including about a dozen Faith In Practice staff members. Approximately half of our team has traveled to Guatemala before, but this is... Read More