Village Robinson Suchi/Reu

After a really long layover and an eventful final leg home for most of the team (there was a medical emergency on the plane and our docs stepped right up to help, but we still needed to be detoured to Boise for the patient's needs), we were all touched and we could not imagine how changed we... Read More
Thursday was our final day and was still one full of people in need and some tired but caring and helpful doctors (and translators) Total patients seen: 582 General Medicine: 257 Pediatrics: 99 Gynecology: 56 Dental: 76 Extractions: 123 VIA/Cryo: 53 Cryos: 2 Biopsies: 0 Referrals for... Read More
Wednesday we found ourselves in another village, at another school site, working with totally different patients but still; Total patients seen: 510 General Medicine: 172 Pediatrics: 79 Gynecology: 30 Dental: 91 Extractions: 128 VIA/Cryo: 52 Cryos: 1 Biopsies: 0 Referrals for surgeries or... Read More
Tuesday we were not sure what to expect but were completely blown away by the numbers! Total patients seen: 596 General Medicine: 250 Pediatrics: 77 Gynecology: 54 Dental: 52 Extractions: 81 VIA/Cryo: 54 Cryos: 5 Biopsies: 1 Referrals for surgeries or other treatment: 109 Lab tests/... Read More
5:45- Today’s morning devotion centered around when problems have no good outcome how instead of pushing oneself further from God one can view it as an opportunity to trust fully that everything that happens in life happens for a reason 7:00- Boarded buses and headed for the first time to San... Read More
Monday's stats, because we all know that people love numbers and stats. We were a little worried about our numbers because there was another hornada 10 minutes down the road Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday that we were worried would affect our patient numbers however; Total patients seen: 441... Read More