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Our last day of surgery is today.  After breakfast we went to devotional led by Linda McCarty who had flown in last night.    She led our devotional today about Psalms 31- In You Lord I will place my trust!  Into your hands I commend my spirits.   Our patients from here in Guatemala are... Read More
Wednesday morning and it’s another beautiful day. Kelly Sanders led us in our devotional this morning. He told us that we are called to serve and put others above of ourselves. John 13 tells us about when Jesus got down on the floor and washed his disciples feet, the lowest job one could do in... Read More
Day 4 Today 17 patients were taken care of in the operating room. Some were very difficult cases and the surgeons had a tough time.  The last of our crew didn’t finish up until close to 8 o'clock. Dealing with old wounds and scar tissue was really tough! It was dinner and then quickly to bed.... Read More
Today was the first day of actual surgery.  We had a great breakfast and our devotional was lead again by Dr. Mark Woolf.  Dr. Woolf spoke about James 2 which was another very appropriate message. James talked about how we treat people we view as rich, powerful, and influential versus how we... Read More
Our day started out with a wonderful breakfast by Darrick Henry and then our morning devotional by Dr. Mark Woolf. He talked to us about patience. We want things now and don't like to wait for God's perfect timing. God has his own time, schedule, and tells us that we need to believe that He... Read More
Early this morning we all left from Madison, Wisconsin, Chicago, Houston, El Paso and DFW, Texas anxiously headed for our assignments.  We all met up in the airport in Guatemala City, loaded on buses and headed for Antigua. When we arrived we checked in and had an orientation headed by Jaime... Read More