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/*-->*/ “Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place I can feel His mighty power and His grace I can hear the brush of angel’s wings I see glory on each face Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place."   After another good night of rest, Team 561 awoke to a... Read More
/*-->*/ We started our day with Jason leading us in thanking God. We thanked God for a night of rest, for the delicious breakfast (and especially the Guatemalan coffee!) set before us, and for placing us here to do His will for our brothers and sisters.   Jaimie, FIP Surgery Program... Read More
/*-->*/ We arrived safely in Guatemala City after a day of travel that started way before the sun had risen. After gathering 27 team members from 13 states, we boarded a bus for the bumpy, busy ride to quiet Antigua. Our group grew as folks who are spending a second week joined us!   We... Read More
/*-->*/ We were welcomed at Casa de Fe tonight, by the gracious in-country Faith In Practice staff.  After a quick snack of Casa de Fe coffee, hot chocolate and homemade cookies, we sat for an informative slideshow (much of which you can view on this FIP website), narrated by Shelley and... Read More
/*-->*/ So many things to do! Have to pack our bags, set our alarms, leave our loved ones to travel far away hoping prayers will be answered. It will be hard to sleep tonight, thinking about our adventure ahead. What we are doing, the patients we will meet in Guatemala are doing, too.