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We’re staying at the Hotel Puente Viejo in Jalapa which is built around open courtyards in a manner that draws cool air throughout the building. In the afternoon, when it is warm outside, a cooling breeze can be felt in the stairwells and halls. Thanks to this convection of air, as I open the... Read More
While numbers is not the main measurement of Faith In Practice’s work in Guatemala, our Jalapa Mission Team lead by John Tysse and Scott Kincaid have racked up some incredible numbers. With two days of clinics in El Aguacate, we saw over 1,100 patients. This includes 190 pediatric cases, 136... Read More
Guatemala Day 5: Sujeyly is a three-year-old with four abscessed teeth and the first patient to enter the dental clinic this morning. Checking her, Dr. David, a pediatric oral surgeon from Boston, says he sees similar things in his practice at home. He lifts up the girl from the chair and... Read More
Days 2 & 3: Our second day in Guatemala begins a little later than what we’re told would be normal. We gather at 7:15 AM for devotions followed by breakfast as the hotel. Afterwards, we all walk a few blocks to the Casa de Fe, a “Roland McDonald” type setting where those waiting or... Read More
Moises is a young man of 30 who suffers from Down Syndrome. Although he can walk, it hurts and he stays in bed for days. His mother, who is aging, has brought him to the center for a wheelchair. Before fitting him in a chair, several of the physical therapy staff watch him and discuss his... Read More
Friday Morning, February 9, 2018: Morning came early as my alarm buzzed at 3:15 AM. After a quick shower, I checked my bags one final time, making sure I had my passport, medicine, travel documents and Guatemala currency. At 3:45, the Inglesby’s pulled into my driveway. Meeting them at the... Read More