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Although there was no more operations today, the doctors went to visit their patients one last time, and write up plans for their therapy and date to go home. The rooms were filled with people who were made new again, by the hands of the gifted doctors. They all expressed their gratitude,... Read More
Thursday marks the last day of surgeries. At breakfast this morning, Fuego, the active volcano visible by every part of the city, was smoking for the first time since we arrived on Saturday. It set an exciting tone for our last clinic day. At the clinic, everyone was starting to get ready for... Read More
Every day goes by faster and faster here in Antigua. The morning walk to the clinic was beautiful as always, with clear skies ahead. On this day, the volcanoes that surround the city are visible, showing the villages on the side. The day once again began with rounds, and on to the first cases... Read More
Today began as we start every morning, with morning devotion. Once we arrived to the hospital, the doctors had to make rounds, seeing the patients who had surgery yesterday. The patients are held in several rooms, looked after the workers at the Las Obras. The patients had smiles across their... Read More
Today was the first day of surgery. Every morning after breakfast, the group spends time together to have morning devotion, led by the pastor on the trip. After the devotion ended, everyone walked over to Las Obras, to start off the first day. As soon as everyone arrived, they quickly put on... Read More
On Sunday, the doctors  started the clinic, seeing all the patients to determine diagnosis and what kind of surgery would be best. The doctors on the trip include Dr. Eaton, Dr. Mixa, Dr. Bruce, and Dr. Murphy. The anesthesiologist also visited the patients to review the preoperative labwork... Read More